by Filing Patent Infringement Suit

On Thursday, February 16, 2006, Nike, Inc. filed a patent infringement lawsuit against its rival, Adidas-Salomon, claiming that Adidas was making shoes using components of Nike’s patented SHOX cushioning technology. In particular, the Beaverton, Oregon based Nike claimed that the new Kevin Garnett signature shoe by Adidas (see below) and its A3 shoes violate Nike’s patent on its latest cushioning technology. This new SHOX technology, which was introduced in 2000 after the original Nike Air shoe debuted in 1979, completely eliminates foam from the mid-sole of a shoe and allegedly creates a lighter more durable cushion than foam.

The complaint against Adidas was filed in the United States District Court in Lufkin , Texas because, according to a Nike spokesperson, the court has “expertise in complex intellectual property cases” and will thus be able to resolve the case more quickly. Adidas, who had just completed a $3.8 billion dollar purchase of Reebok, has not commented extensively on the subject.

Nike, also, has not stopped with just suing Adidas. During the recent 2006 World Shoe Association Show in Las Vegas, Nike also served lawsuits on two other companies, Max Import and Export, and Romeo and Juliette. Both companies have also allegedly infringed in Nike’s patented SHOX technology.

The Brand will continue to follow the story of Nike’s patent infringement litigation and report developments as they occur.