Pork: The Other White Lawsuit

Christopher McDavid

The National Pork Board had their pig in a poke over a breastfeeding blog. The Lactivist, a site that advocates for breastmilk banking, sells a variety of t-shirts to raise funds. The shirts, sold via Cafe Press, feature slogans like “Nursing, Nature’s Own Breast Enhancement,” “Nip/Suck,” “Eat at Mom’s,” and until recently, “Breast: The Other White Milk.”

That last shirt resulted in a cease and desist order from the Board in late January, claiming infringement and dilution of their trademarked slogan “The Other White Meat.” Shortly after the order was received, the site owner removed the shirts from availability, but not before stirring up a firestorm with activists infuriated by the Board’s assertion that the t-shirts created an association that “tarnished” the image of the pork industry. An apology and donation to a breast milk charity was quickly issued in conjunction with the website’s compliance with the cease and desist order.

Click here to view cease and desist letter (PDF format)