Editorial Policy

The Brand is a non-political forum for the balanced presentation of intellectual property news. The Brand attempts to present the arguments and positions of both sides equally in any given legal controversy.  Whenever possible, this is done by posting the actual pleadings, which are filed with a court by the plaintiffs and defendants in each case.

While The Brand does not take sides in any legal controversy, we do encourage respect for the law.  Additionally, we encourage our readers to respect the moral and legal rights of intellectual property owners.

The Brand publishes news and feature articles written by student authors and graduates of the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law: University of Louisville.   Additionally, The Brand publishes articles written by other legal practitioners or authors writing on topics pertinent to Intellectual Property Law or generally on topics relating to the Intersection of Law and Popular Culture.  The views expressed in these articles are those of the individual authors and not necessarily those of The Brand.

If you have a question, concern, or suggestion, regarding anything on The Brand, please email us at thebrand@auricsteele.com